Have been in Miami on and off since November.

I am doing work for a musical Distribution company, focusing on South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Currently helping them to gear up for a big trade show in California, at the end of January.

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Travel Companion

Anchorage Alaska – I flew to Alaska for a week to accompany a client on his trip.

The traveling was long and included six different airports, but all went smoothly.

Cook Inlet, Alaska


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Wedding Day Coordinator

September 30, 2012

As the wedding day coordinator, I was in charge of making sure everything went smoothly and that the couple were kept from any disturbances that could interfere with the enjoyment of their wedding.

I was minimally involved with the planning and was brought in to give feed back on the organization and flow prior to the wedding.  I studied the wedding party list and names of family members, as well as being very familiar with the venue.

I orchestrated the wedding rehearsal, to familiarize everyone with the would be flow of the wedding day. On the Wedding day there was some help with set up, and then coordinating the efforts of the DJ, the caterer, the bartender, photographers, and the minister.  During the wedding there was some Master of Ceremony duties, and being available to all parties involved for direction and help.

It was a beautiful wedding, that ran smoothly and seemed to be enjoyed by all involved.

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, a historic home in Atlanta, Georgia




Bride and bridal party descended then down the aisle

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Drum Clinics in Guatemala

My time in Guatemala was very busy. Four Drum clinics in four days and in a different city each day. Scott Johnson of the Blue Devils Drum Corps was great to work with. He a master on the snare drum and was a huge success at the clinics, which numbered between 400 and 1200 a day. My duties ranged from representing the American distribution company of the drums, to security for Scott Johnson, and assisting where ever there was a need.


Security Duty

Scott Johnson of the Blue Devils Drum Corps


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Heading to Guatemala

I am headed to Guatemala to help with drum clinics throughout the country. I’ll be there a week, each clinic in a different city around the country.

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I have been in Miami for the week. I have been busy with several jobs, including, designing and setting up a showroom for a Musical distribution company .

Showroom in warehouse of musical distribution company in Miami.

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Time in Atlanta

I have been in Atlanta now for about three weeks, working every few days doing house organizational jobs and errands.
I was glad to be home these weeks to be able to enjoy many hours of the 2012 Olympics Games in London.

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I am in Miami now, for the next two weeks house sitting and taking care of several dogs and a cat. I am also organizing areas of the house for my clients.

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St. John work

prepping a screen door to re-screen it.

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St. John

Just finished a week of work in St. John. Got a lot done, such as, re-screening a porch and windows, some minor repair work, relighting the stairs down to the house, and some cleaning.

I have had worse view from a work place

Not a bad place to take a break from work

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